Thursday, April 1, 2010

My child My child

Well hello on this Wonderful Thursday... Hope everyone is doing as great as I am. The past few nights my little one has gotten up at 3am and 2am for what reason we have no clue. So she gets up Tuesday night and she comes in bedroom wanting her ds game at 3 in the morning. Give her the game and she stays up for about 30 mins and goes to sleep with the game in her hand. Last night she wakes up and doesn't say anything. Walks up to her daddy's side of the bed and is just staring at him (HEHE so funny)Ryan wakes up and here is a 2 1/2 yr old in his face just looking at him. So she climbs in bed with us and goes right to sleep. The Great thing about this is she has woke up in the best moods ever. She gets out of bed and tell Ryan and myself she loves us get her clothes on and out the door we go. Never do we leave early at our house.So random story but just thought it was so wonderful for her to wake up and just smile and say sweet things every morning. Hope every one has a great day!!!

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