Monday, April 26, 2010

3rd Place Beauty YEAH!!!

Saturday April 24, 2010 Olivia was in the Miss ranburne Spring Pageant with her aunt Tater(mikayla)She was so excited about her new dress and just had the best time.

She got up super early because she was going to her aunts house to get all ready. She loves her Tater bug so much and every time they spend time together it makes my little one smile oooo so big as you can tell. Fixing her hair and still have smiles on her face.

We are so very proud of our sweet little girl.After she won her third place trophy she was so excited she got something for her own she got to walk around with a huge smile on her face with her aunt Tater and show off her award.

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Alicia said...

AWWWW I am so proud and excited:) We love you sweet girl!!!!