Tuesday, August 17, 2010


God sends blessing in so many ways and just want to let you all know about the blessings God has done for my family and friends over the past week.
Starting off with one of  my Best friends from school Monicka. We have been friends going on 9 years and she recently has moved far away from me to start her new life with her soon to be hubby. They moved 15 hours away to Kansas. God has blessed them both with jobs and a new home. Everything has been a blessing for the two of them and wish them so many more.
Both my sisters Rachel (on the left) and Alicia (on the right)
Rachel was blessed to be able to quit one of the jobs she had so that she could follow her dreams as a nurse and be able to spend more time with family and studying instead of working all the time.
Alicia was able to follow Gods will for her life and Be able to go back to school to study for to be a special education teacher and she actually started teachers aid on Monday..
My younger sister Becky and her boyfriend Todd have been looking for a house to rent for many weeks. They have been blessed with a new home and so very proud of them
The Alabama Zellners are getting a new home as of this week!!!
We have had so many things we have prayed for in the past and God showed us what his will is for us. He has really showed us how Great things can be when you just pray to him with everything. no mater what it has to deal with Animals, Family, Job, homes,Friends, Anything God is always there to listen..
What are some more blessing God have done in your life???

Friday, August 13, 2010

Congrats Sister n law, Aunt and Best friend!!

YEA!!! So super excited for my wonderful sister in law Alicia... She has been such a great wonderful amazing person in my life for the past 3 years and just so very excited for her during this time of her life. She has recently went with God path for her to become a special ed teacher for children with special needs. She starts her new job next week and also is already starting her classes to get her on her way to something she loves so very much. We just want her to know that God couldn't have picked a a better person to do his will with such amazing children. We love you and are behind you all the way so hugs from us to your bama family...!!! Way to go Alicia!!!