Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WGC 2010 War Eagle !!!!!

War eagle the REAL HOME of Alabama!!!!!
Waiting on the concert to stop with my ladies!!!


Classmate Buddies Visiting me Auburn Baby!!!


Ashley (Kerry's wife )

TOBY MAC!!!!!!!!

Saviors prayer

The Result!! All Saved!!! Amazing!!!!

Will Grham (Billy Grham son)


We first arrived in Auburn

Me and Megan

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank goodness for nap time!!

Thank goodness for nap time. Olivia has been a handful today.She has been with me today because we have special Birthday plans for her soon to be auntie Lay Lay.So she has been in everything. So it came nap time a little music and a bed and she is out.... Now mommy can catch up on everything she has much needed to do like my blog for my sweet sister in law. Hope you have a great weekend and be safe.

The bunny has a name!!

Okay so after a whole week has gone by we have had a new furry friend but with no name. We cleaned off the dresser in our room last night and put him there so we could see something to smile about when we awake. However this morning didn't not wake up with a smile. ALL night last night the bunny was thumping around in is cage. No idea what he was doing maybe the cats planning a war against the poor little guy who really knows. So as of today the rabbits name is thumper and also he is going in to the living room where we can get a good night sleep again.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Olivia's Beach outfits

Well olivia is ready for the beach she has all of her outfits being made and here are a few pictures of the outfits being made enjoy....

Olivia's Beach outfits

more of livie and bunny

Livie And her Bunny!!!

Well hello again i just wanted to post this cute little girly with her new little bunny.. while my parents were out this weekend we took a few pictures of miss thang and her new little baby.. I have pictures to post including her new outfits for her beach trip in may. We are all excited and so hard not to talk about it. We have all wanted a trip like this for a while and now its almost here. Hope you enjoy and will have more to share later on today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Panama City Beach Here comes the Zellner's

It's done Booked and ready for us to spend family time together as a family!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lisha's birthday!!!

Welcome lisha!!!

We took miss Olivia to douglasville Ga on Sunday afternoon to just spend family time. While we were in Ga we went to the mall to just walk around. We walked up to the build a bear workshop and looked around and Olivia was waking up from her nap. When she finally woke completely from her nap she picked out a cute little Easter bunny with colorful flowers all over it. She stuffed it, she washed it, she even dressed it. Then the sweetest moment ever happen.. We get over to the computer to get the bunny registered and asked Olivia to what bunny's names was going to be automatic responds was Lisha I miss her.. i want to cry to know that my 2 year old knew who her aunt Alicia was and did indeed miss her. I then ask her who else she missed and she went to naming the whole Zellner Family... So now we welcome Lisha to the family.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

happy thursday!!

Well hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Today I'm all alone my little one went to a friends house so mommy could have a break at work to get cleaning and paper work done. It's so hard to believe when she is here she is all over me and i can't move but when she isn't here i feel so lonely. Oh well i guess its just a mommy thing! When you need a break you don't want it when you get it lol. Hope everyone has a blessed day!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

random of Olivie and mommy

When we have nothing else to do this is what happens haha..

children church fun!!!!

Hello and this is the first update since i havent been on to write.. Last sunday I helped out with the children church which range from age 2 and up to the age of 12. They have this game called "The shirt game" The object of the game is you race boy against girls and you see how many balloons you can stuff in a shirt... As you can see i was there joker of the day they stuffed a total of 16 balloons in the shirt from front to back.. i have such a great time with my kiddos. they are such a blessing.. So of cousre I'm the joke of the church..haha

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mary Kay make-up remover...

Well most of you know that I have recently started selling Mary Kay and let me just say I Love it. My most popular seller is this the Mary Kay make up remover. So With this i have a story of my little Olivia. She decided to get into her mommies make up and of course got a hold of my WATERPROOF Mascara. Oh Yeah talking about a mess. So i was like this is really going to hurt her to seat here and scrub her face, arms, feet and hands to get this off of her. Then i thought Wait a Min. i have some make up remover that i can try this is really going to show if it really does what it says oh it does and so much more.. I got it off her chair and off her body.. So needless to say i have not only stocked up for me but for little make up messes as well.. I will be letting everyone in on all of the products we have and even send you samples if need to change your mind about your product(soap and wash cloth in this case). i will post pictures of the huge mess my little one decided to make later on. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week..