Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Withdrawal Wednesday!!!

Okay so of course i have more days like this than most people. I just miss my sisters so very much. I haven't got to see them very much since i became apart of the family, but the times i have gotten to see them has just made me miss them even more when i can't be with them as soon as I want. I never understood the meaning behind having sisters until I was blessed with these 3 wonderful ladies in my life.. Girls I miss you terribly and i want to visit so very bad. Just know I think about you guys everyday and wish the visits werent so far apart. i am so happy to enjoy this married life with you all.. hope to see you all soon.. love your bama sister

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

WOW! So glad this week is almost over... i have had such a blessed week but also one of the hardest weeks of my life... I have had Happy time this week and also Very upsetting and tearful times as well.. God will take care of them all. You really don't know how close things hit home to you until it really is right in your face to deal with. I just want to say that I am so glad to have a family and friends to support me in everything I do. It's the best feeling to come home to a happy home to a happy little family!!! So glad this week is almost over and that a new beginning starts for some. Love you all very much and remember that God is Always there!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

one of Olivia's random moments!!!

Well hello Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. So I was seating on my chair last night and I was seating with my wonderful little family. When out of the blue my little wants me to take her pictures. So i go in the bedroom fix up a few things and start taking pictures. WOW! all I can say is after taking thirty something pictures you would think 2 year old would be ready to stop oh no Not Olivia I ended up taking 154 picture before i finally told her i was done.So come to show i think my child is going to take after her Aunt Alicia for loving picture takes and her Aunt Becky for having her pictures taken so. with that being said her are a few of the ending results.. have a great day and enjoy....

Monday, February 15, 2010

SnowSnow Snow!!!!

Well as you can tell... It has snowed so much had some GREAT TIMES!!! But now it needs to go so it can so warm up!!! I am ready to lay out in the sun and watch livie swim in the pool. Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and a great week...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wild Weekend with Great memories!!!

Wonderful Friday!!!

Well hello hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.I thought I may need to recap over the last few days since i have had some much time to get back in touch with myself. So Friday night I got to spend so much needed time with my Best friend April we got to go out to eat and have some Great Mexican food ummmm and some much needed catch up time about life. Also got to see the Dr. John Movie and may I say it was very good but If you are looking for something better than notebook you will be out of luck on this one. That is just my thought but you have to go see it for yourself. Really great to take a friend just make sure the couple next you is a little older and understand that others around you would like to hear the movie instead of your lip smacking together. STAY IN YOUR CAR TO DO SO. don't waste your money... LOL...

SO much Fun Saturday!!!!!

Saturday was a very BUSY day for my whole Family..Ryan had to work at his job on this day so he didn't get to enjoy most of the day with us. We came to work at 9:00 and then left work around noon. To go to a Hearts benefit. Let me tell you a little about hearts it stands for Helping Every Area Resident to Succeed. The Lady and Gods help came up with a way to help every resident with things as food, water, gas, Housing, clothes you name it she has been blessed to help take care of. This lady has a heart of gold and God couldn't have found a much better person to hand this gift to. I love Jackie Howle so very much and I know God has a much bigger blessing for her.SO my Family and I(Myself,MY mom, Olivia and Jadde) Went and helped out for about an hour to help great causes.We met Elmo and of course Olivia flipped out she did not like at all...

Off again to more Fun!!!

Get home give everyone a bath and off to Kayla my other child's 15Th Birthday Party which was just so fun. Olivia, Jadde Ryan and myself just had a blast got to talk and catch up with close friends and family. We danced with the wii dance dance game may I say so much fun... She is such a great person and not only is she a great person she is so funny to be around your never know what will happen next with her..

One more Final stop of the night

So after All the other excitement on Saturday. I had Finally got to Spend the much Needed Time with My Other BFF Roxy. We love spending Everyweekend together that we can even if its spending time at each others house playing cards. Love the time spent with each other.... So We got to do our other Favorite thing to do WE WENT BOWLING!!!!!!!!YEAAAA!!!!! We went to eat apple bees like we do every time. Then off to bowling.. Omg we also got to dance and sing and just really goof off like we always do.. A much need girls time out with the hubbies of course...


We all went to church and said the GOODBYES to Brother Shane the pastor.. The family will be missed tons...We grew so close to each other its hard to let go but still can make great memories regardless. We left church and went to oxford with Jaddie BOO. She has had a really rough weekend bless her heart the boyfriend of 5mths broke up with her on Thursday and of course she fell so hard for him it really hurt Ryan and I very much. She is like one of our own.. So we took her out for a good day of shopping and just to get her mind off of everything around her. She laughed and just really enjoyed herself. i am so very proud of her she is just a sweetheart and she is gorgeous. i just wish she knew that waiting around on just one boy was wasting time when you have so many other that are kissing the ground she walks on... So after a fun field day we took her home and then we went and spent the rest of the nite with family and much needed Zellner family time. It was such a blessed weekend......

ALL in ALL We had a GREAT Weekend I want to thank you all for such a relaxed weekend and also a much needed one at that can't wait to do it again....Love you and have a blessed week....:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear John Friday!!!!!

So I get a much needed girls night out.. YEAH!! Myself and one of my best friends get to go and see the most talked about movie tomorrow night. I have seen every preview of this film and just so excited. Not only do i get to see a movie all the way through without a two year that does not seat and watch any movie what so ever but i get to spend much needed time with my best friend since we were little brats.... LOL!!! We use to spend every weekend together before we both got married. It's much needed catch up time for the both of us and a relax from my regular life doings... hopes everyone has a great rainy thursday...Love and God Bless

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


well hello hope everyone is having a great day!! Well today started off great Olivia and I got up and we were early.. Yes I know can't believe it either. We ate our cereal and then left to go to pre school. Well we were great, got livie to pre school and of course put up a fight not to stay.. So get done there and stop by my dads to drop of some things. I get on my way and of course get the best phone call ever it was my sister in law Alicia she is so amazing.. Calls to check on my daddy and make sure everybody is good. I get to my bank and lose service with Alicia on my phone and then it happened... MY CAR RAN OUT OF GAS!!!!! SCREAM!!!!!! My gas gauge is messed up in my car and I put $20.00 in my car on my way home yesterday. I then have to walk to a napa store to get a gas can and then walk to the store to get gas and come back. If I wasn't already red face enough I get to my car and go to undo the gas can and it will not open it has a child safety thing on it that WILL NOT come undone. So finally after 10mins of trying to get it undone I got it off and was able to put gas in my car to go to work and forgot about putting my deposit in my bank... So this is how my wonderful wed has started.... LOL So i will now have a gas can in my car so this will not happen to me again....

Monday, February 1, 2010

The after affect of olivia and her daddy with the make up!!! love the lips hunny