Thursday, December 2, 2010

Updating in process...Nov 2010

Hello and Hope everyone had a blessed thanksgiving Holiday!! I am so blessed for so many things this year. Hope you enjoy all the new things going on with my family!!
My parents went on the first Cruise this year for the 25 wedding Ann. They have talked about this trip for so long and it finally came in Oct. they had great time and since they had such a wonderful time they have already booked there next cruise for next Sept. So very happy to see how God has worked in there lives.

 This was the craziest but greatest weekend ever.. I don't have any thanksgiving pictures from this year but I do have great stories to tell about this year. We got up on thanksgiving morn around 6:30am and took a family trip of 15 to shoneys to eat breakfast as a family. We had such a great time. We had close family with us.. They may not be blood but they have been friends long enough they could be family. The whole group went to eat and afterwards went to old navy where we were like kids in candy store with the huge sale they had. All of us were able to pick out are own Christmas gift from mom and dad. After about 2 hours in old navy we all split to do other family gatherings. Then all met back with the rest of the family of almost 70 ppl at my parents house from young babies to kiddos.It was amazing to see family come together. This was a blessed thanksgiving.

Story two. Keep in mind that we got up a 6:30am Thursday myself, and best friends of mine left home around 11:30pm to go hit the stores for great deals.I haven't got to do this is almost 4yrs so I was so excited!!!! First stop of course WALMART.Crazy may I say people were stealing out of buggies. crawling over to get other gifts and just outraged people. I wasn't really shopping for much just things for the new house and last min gift that haven't been gotten.
We then head over to Kohl's which at this time it is 2am and we get parked and stand in line for over 45min. Then to top it all off it starts raining and wind is so cold. They finally open the doors and people start jumping line and they bring out security to back them off while the line goes in first. So worth the wait I got my new dishes I had been wanting for the last 3mth and i was just not paying full price.So I get to the reg and to my surprise my dishes where even cheaper!!! Yea I got my 61pc dish set reg 139.99 for 29.97!!! Yes you read right I was just so very excited...After Kohl's we headed over to K-mart and noticed the line was so crazy outside we decided to just head to Martin's. Got to martins and again waited for them to open.Met up with some great friends from church while we were standing in line. Finally they open and People rush in to get north face jackets for dirt cheap. They only had 17 in the whole store and people were again outraged. They wanted those jackets so bad they were jerking out of other peoples hand and everything.So by this time its already 7am. A complete 24 hours we were up.
Now its Friday am and We head home.After dropping Amber off I head home to get a shower and try to take a nap before heading off to work. The shower happened the nap however did not. I ended up staying up watching Dora and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade with Olivia.After watching TV with Olivia we head off to work in ashland. (Sorry pic is side ways)

We get to work and looking forward to the Auburn Alabama Game. I get a phone call around 1:30pm. It's April my best friend we are more like sister than we have ever been best friends.. She is informing me that she is in Labor with her daughter Khloe. So leaving Olivia with her dad I rush down to the hospital and she is in labor for a few more hours.So drew (her fiance)and I head to another room so April could sleep we watch the football game with me being a Tiger fan and drew a bama fan it was very interesting. Very close Game BUT........
WAR EAGLE WINS GO TIGERS!!!!!! WE went undefeated...

After much time waited for the new bundle of joy to arrive Khloe Crimson Patterson was Finally here. Friday Nov.26th 11:27pm 7lbs 1oz I'm an Aunt!!!She is so beautiful. April and Baby are doing great and Daddy is just over joyed with excitement!! Congrats love you guys tons!!
 So at this time I have been up you got it...almost 48 hours... I am so drained I get home and fall right to sleep.It was the best week ever. Now however I am trying to get over a cold from standing out in the rain and cold. Then more fun activities.. We had some close friends over from church to eat dinner and watch movies. It was so fun to have them over and ready for the next visit.Here are some pictures of the dinner and movie dates..

 Table for 2 with chicken nuggets and fries Olivia and Jayden!!
      Rhett, Dad, Jason, Heather Jayden and Olivia
Jason, Heather, Peggy, Ryan, Tad, Lacey and Jayden,

Hope you enjoyed this very log blog post and hope to actually catch up soon. Hope everyone has very blessed week!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Catching up

 My wonderful God Daughter Allie Grace Arrived in Sept.
 Olivia's 1 playdate with Jayden in Oct
 More of the play date
 Olivia and Jayden first Time Singing in Church As big Kids
  Playdate Helping jayden with his Chapstick (just like her aunt alicia)
 My borther Graduating for Fire College So very proud Nov 11 2010
 Trip to the zoo!!! 3 weeks ago
 Cookout in oct
 West ga Fair
Trunk of Treat at church...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Well hello Blogger's and So sorry I have not blogged in like forever. Really have had a lot on my plate with the new house project going on and work has be so crazy so I'm going to try to make up for it today if my fingers don't start hurting first from so much typing. Well Last week we were able to get the house in and start remodeling it. Finally!!!I do not have pictures just yet and there is a reason why that is. We are having a project bash at the new place on Sunday where all of the friends and family are coming over to help getting most of everything we want done so that we can start my new kitchen project. Yea I got this real great idea to do a whole new kitchen and well Now i have no kitchen at all in the new house. I'm so excited but me I'm not much of a work person when it comes to things like this. I'm always the one that does something wrong and we find out afterwards.Not good when something like this. Hope to be in the new house no later than the 2nd week of Oct crossing fingers and toes...Still a lot to do in a short time.

Work has been really great but oh so busy. Recently one of are shops got checked by the big dog ATf. Which is a once a year thing and let me tell you they are the scariest people in the world. They come in and they ask you where this and this is. Then they go through my whole shop looking for guns and paper work dealing with guns. It's crazy!! but so far so good haven't seen them yet crossing fingers if I do it is a very good day and there not here with me for three day like they were the other shop. So i have been on pins and needles making sure everything is correct.Every thing is calming down finally as the weekend gets here. so i can breath again.

Exciting things aheadOne last thing i have to say 

I have BABIES EVERYWHERE. My other child as i call her Jadde is having a baby within the next 3 weeks. My Best friend from high school is having a baby in dec and I just found out even closer to home that I call my other brother Jimmy and his girlfriend have one on the way due in april. So I am a very happy girl about all the baby talk and showers that are going on.

I just want to give a real LOUD SHOUT OUT to my TEXAS Family tell them that i love them and miss them so very much and I promise to get around to the catch up phone calls in the next few day. Hope everyone has a blessed rest of the week and a great weekend.