Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Withdrawal Wednesday!!!

Okay so of course i have more days like this than most people. I just miss my sisters so very much. I haven't got to see them very much since i became apart of the family, but the times i have gotten to see them has just made me miss them even more when i can't be with them as soon as I want. I never understood the meaning behind having sisters until I was blessed with these 3 wonderful ladies in my life.. Girls I miss you terribly and i want to visit so very bad. Just know I think about you guys everyday and wish the visits werent so far apart. i am so happy to enjoy this married life with you all.. hope to see you all soon.. love your bama sister

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Alicia said...

I love love love my bama sister:) I think of you daily and hope and pray that everything is just absolutely wonderful! We can't wait for another visit and I too agree they are few and far between... but I promise we'll definitely have to get together soon... until then you are stuck having to update me on this blog and our several weekly phone conversations. LOVE YOU sweet girl! Tell the fam hello and i can't wait to visit and catch up soon!