Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Reason Behind it All

Hello my name is Farrah Zellner. I am married to my wonderful husband Ryan Zellner and we have the sweetest, smartest, cutest little girl in the whole world (i know every parent says this) Olivia Grace Zellner born on July 14, 2007. When I got married on Friday, July 13, 2009 I not only married the man I would spend the rest of my life with and have our angel born in to the world the very next day but also got an AWESOME FAMILY IN LAW to go along with it. This is the reason for this blog being started. I'm not much of a blogger so if something is really crazy sorry in advance. The main reason for this blog is to keep up with family and friends near and far updated on all the memories that they are unable to share in person but maybe by this blog they will feel more like they were already there. To all the family and friends we love you so very much!

My Husband, Ryan

My world!

My Daughter Olivia Grace

My everything!

I really can't say we have never had our ups and downs but i can say that i could not ask for a better man to be in my life and to call the father of my child9ren). He has stood by me thought thick and thin no matter at what cost. I can truly say that I have found the most outstanding man in this whole world.

My daughter has been a blessing from heaven. She has showed me not only how to love but to love more strongly and to care for so much more in life. We have had some things that God really had to open my eyes about that I can honestly say. If it were not for God forgiveness and mercy that i can really say that I would be able to sit and type this today and be able to hold our little gift from God everyday. I love these 2 ppl more than life itself. There is only one man that I can thank for this blessing... Jesus Christ!

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