Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Past few days!!!

Well hello hope everyone is having a very blessed day..I have had a busy past few days. Well as most know my dad is sick with pnumiona and has been sick now going on 3 weeks Thank God he is almost over it.. My mom Gave us a big Scare Sunday night she had started having really bad pain in her left arm and her blood pressure was very highit was 146 over 111 so they took her to the er and found out yesterday that it very well could have been over a migran.Olivia is a work with me today she has a very bad cold that Nothing seems to be working for her bless her heart so we have to go to the dr tonight after work. Today is Ryans first day of his NEW JOB!! So excited for him and all the new things that may or may not come with this new journey..The best part of my day yesterday Was I got to talk to my wonderful sister Alicia yesterday which was very well needed. I do miss them all very much and even if We don't talk but once a week its such a blessing to me.. I love them so much. I am all over the place with so many things today but just trying to mix everything together..Again hope everyone is having a blessed day and many more blessing to come...Love Farrah

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