Thursday, January 14, 2010

Olivia pre school

Well hello everyone My lovely sister Alicia has talked me into this wonderful blogging so I really hope I can figure this out. Olivia started Pre-School Last firday and she has really enjoyed herself. Bless her heart she is still attached to going with mommy everyday to work that everyday she gets up excited about school and we pull up and tears start filling those pretty blue eyes. So today we pulled up and of course the tears started filling her littles eyes and she looked at me and said mommy, daddy come get me later?? aww I was like are you kidding me your going to make me cry.. So we get in and she puts her bag down and while i'm signing her in she stands with her arms wrapped around me. I go seat down with her in her room and she seat in front of me. Starts watching tv and turns around to me and says "mommy you can go now" I wanted to just crack up after all the tears on the way in she tells me I can go. That was my story of the day. Hope everyoneis having a great and blessed day!!
Love, Farrah

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