Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My New Family In Law

I love you all very much. So blessed!

My Gorgeous ~3~ Sisters


Wonderful Girls!

Moving Forward... My Sisters!

WOW!! how to start I always wanted to have a sister in my life and who knew I would be blessed with not 1 not 2 but 3 wonderful, gorgeous, outstanding, out going sisters.... Rachel, Becky, and Alicia Zellner. There is not enough words to express how much I feel for these ladies. I love you and keep your head up and you will go so far in life.


Rachel Zellner: She is the most outgoing but strongest sister I have. She knows what she wants and nothing stands in her way to get that. She works and school all the time. When we first met i was speechless (well for me) I had no clue how to react to a sister my age. Wow!! Someone I could related with on everything. Somebody not to judge but to understand. SHe is who she is and she doesn't care what other people think. We have made so many memories together over the past 2 years and it has really touch my h eart to know that I have a family that cares so very much about me and seems like we have known each other all of our lives. I love you so very much and can't wait for the next visit.


Becky Zellner: Where to start on this one. Omg!! this one is so funny to me. When I first met her we clicked. I was so excited to have again another sister so close in age to talk with. You never have a dull moment with her. Not only is she a what do the boys say HOTTIE!! (bradley) She is so great to be around, if you have a bad day all you have to do is pick up the phone and she is sure to make you laugh over something. She is a cery out going person. I have love getting to be around her every chance I get. It makes me feel so good to just hear from her and rachel they really brighten up my day. I love my girls!!


Alicia Zellner: This one has touched my heart so very many different ways and I guess because we were both married in. Alicia has been my back bone on so very many thigns. She has been there when I needed a shoulder to cry out my person to scream with. She has even became my venting partner. We ahve visited each other so many times since we started as a family. Had some really great times. She was my maid of honor in my wedding and has been that best friends since. SHe is a very smart lady that if anyone knows her it is such a blessing to know. She really is a awesome person. Words really can't express the way she has touched my life. She just randomly calls to tell me hello and she was thinking and praying for me and talk about touching someones heart she has truly done so. Now she is married to the man of her dreams and can't wait for the next big trip we have together hopefully coming up very soon. I love you very much!

Oh Brother!

Ray Zellner: Ray is a very awesome guy. He not only has an amazing wife but he also has an amazing out look on everything. He is a very laid back kinda guy. He loves to have fun, spend time with friends and family. He is one of those people you can always go to about anything. He may not be able to help you but he is a great listener. He is such a blessing to have in my life. WE have had some great times. From dog collars to motorcycle and four wheeler bud rides. I can tell you one thing I can't wait for more fun memories with my new family


Grammy: Mary Jean Zellner: Well this one I just really got to meet a few months back and let me tell you she is really something else. She is great with her wonderful granddaughter and has made me feel so welcomed to the family. I can't wait for many more memories made with her. I really got to talk to her one on one and she is a very great person to meet. She has become my texting buddy LOL which I love. We can keep up with the family there and here as well. So looking foward to our visit very soon!

Papa Z!

Owen Zellner:

Catch Up!
Like I said before, I never knew getting married came with such a great package. I have 2 brothers that are blood related. Tad is 20 and Bradley is 9. When I got married I ended up with a whole brady bunch of family to love. Now I have 3 extraordinary sisters that words just can't explain. I also added 1 more brother which is my I say just awesome. Then to top it all off I also got an amazing mother and father in law that are just too perfect for thsi family... OH OH OH and I can't forget my wonderful little niece and nephew Toby, Mattie, and Jacie (doggies) That i so adore and love...

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Alicia said...

I love you so much sweetie and am so excited to have such a loving a wonderful sister-in-law! I am so thankful for you and just absolutely blessed to have you in my life!