Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Setting Goals!!

This says it all although I don't think i am this bad..LOL!! Most of you know i just am not a great goal setter. I get my mind set on doing something and well having a 3 year old she changes her mommies mind to her own. So I am setting a Goal to lose 30lbs in 21 weeks that is a little over a 1 lb a week If my body will let me. I really want to get back in shape tone up and just get the energy back i have lost over the years. So if you notice i have 21 weeks which is the week of Christmas yea. That is the reason for this goal to have a new look when i go to see my zellner family for the holidays. This is very hard for me since I again have a very hard time at setting my mind to one thing. What are some of your goals before the holidays? What advice can you give me on eating and helping me reach my goal? Have a wonderful week and enjoy!


The Fants said...

Hey girl! I'm right there with ya. It is SO hard to find time to workout because I want to spend all my time with Bryson. And I really need to get back into working out! I've tried doing recorded workouts with him hanging out next to me, and that kinda works. Heheh Whatever you figure out, let me know ASAP! :) I know Ray and Alicia are SO excited to see y'all again!
Good luck with your goal!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much. Yes it does seem to be so hard to do something so good for you but then you think it is so great to play with them instead lol!! Well good luck to you as well. Yes we are very excited to see them miss them so much.. I love looking at your blog he is growing so fast and so darn cute.. Good Luck and have a wonderful weekend..