Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Exciting news!!

This is week has been a blessed week . My hubby lost his job on Friday very upsetting to here this news when not expecting it. Knowing God has a plan for everything Ryan was called first thing this morning with a unbelievable job opportunity. He will be closer to home. More pay and wonderful benefits to go along with this job.HE starts Monday! Yea...
Well we are taking it to Texas with us this year!!!That's right The bama Family is going home for Christmas this year. A new count down will began!! we are going to Texas for Christmas this year we will leave Alabama on Thursday Night 23rd and we will arrive in Sugarland TX on Friday 24Th. We had thought about flying but all things change when you have a little one that hasn't really seen the world as much as mommy and daddy so we are going to take her for a riding trip to see all the new things. Can't wait to see my wonderful family that i miss dearly. Just pray for us through this new advantage in our lives. Have a great week!!

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