Monday, June 14, 2010

Can I please go back to this!!!

The past few weeks have been so hard on my family and I. Starting off the week we get ready for the wonderful Much needed vacation with my zellner family. My poor hubby gets Shingles three days before we go.. Get to the wonderful trip ready to relax and My sweet baby girl ends up in the hospital from having back to back sezuires the first day we are there. Love the Rest of my trip not wanting to leave. I love them so much. Get home back to life as everyone knows it(work). My dad ends up with a broke nose from riding a babcat and something flew up and hit him in the face. My dad also ends up with shingles above his eye. Last week my little one again is very sick with a virus that lasted from tuesday to saturday...UGH!!! my dad goes back to the dr to find out if the shingles have went to his eye which has not but>>> They think he has broken/fractured a bone around his eye from his nose being broken..My poor sister Becka lost a sweet little doggy I had given her. I fell so bad for her.Saturday afternoon I find out the last GREAT Grandmother I had left has passed away. She has been sick for about 3 weeks and she went to sleep Friday night at her lungs collapsed while she was sleeping. i was so looking forward to her getting to see her Great Great granddaughter but she never got the chance.This week I have a viewing 1hour and 30min away on Monday and funeral on Tuesday, church on wed, Fire meeting on Thursday and a get together on Friday. I just wish to have a break from everything. Just so much going on I just wish i was back on the beach laying with all my sisters, brothers, daughter and hubby with no care in the world. It's really time to for another relaxing trip. Sorry Just had to feel a little better to get thought another week.

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Alicia said...

Sweet girl I am so sorry you are going through so many hard times. Just know we love you and will say a little prayer for you and the family:)