Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Welcome lisha!!!

We took miss Olivia to douglasville Ga on Sunday afternoon to just spend family time. While we were in Ga we went to the mall to just walk around. We walked up to the build a bear workshop and looked around and Olivia was waking up from her nap. When she finally woke completely from her nap she picked out a cute little Easter bunny with colorful flowers all over it. She stuffed it, she washed it, she even dressed it. Then the sweetest moment ever happen.. We get over to the computer to get the bunny registered and asked Olivia to what bunny's names was going to be automatic responds was Lisha I miss her.. i want to cry to know that my 2 year old knew who her aunt Alicia was and did indeed miss her. I then ask her who else she missed and she went to naming the whole Zellner Family... So now we welcome Lisha to the family.

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