Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mary Kay make-up remover...

Well most of you know that I have recently started selling Mary Kay and let me just say I Love it. My most popular seller is this the Mary Kay make up remover. So With this i have a story of my little Olivia. She decided to get into her mommies make up and of course got a hold of my WATERPROOF Mascara. Oh Yeah talking about a mess. So i was like this is really going to hurt her to seat here and scrub her face, arms, feet and hands to get this off of her. Then i thought Wait a Min. i have some make up remover that i can try this is really going to show if it really does what it says oh it does and so much more.. I got it off her chair and off her body.. So needless to say i have not only stocked up for me but for little make up messes as well.. I will be letting everyone in on all of the products we have and even send you samples if need to change your mind about your product(soap and wash cloth in this case). i will post pictures of the huge mess my little one decided to make later on. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week..

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