Monday, May 10, 2010

human Maze fun!!! CHALLANGE!!! 1

Well hello on this rainy Monday here. I did not reliase i Havent bloged in a few days.. time does fly when having tons of fun. So with 17 days left before the Huge Trip I started to think of cool things I could remember doing with my family. While talking abotu the trip my little bro Brad came and said can we PLLLEEEAAASSSEE do the human maze I was like you know what I have soo Wanted to do that everytime just never really had anyone to do it with. This is going to be a challange to all the family we will pair up in 2's of course boyfriend/girlfriend hubby/wife and see who can finish this fun maze. Details about this maze is just so exciting to read. This Maze it huge it is about the size of a football field. The maze is changed frequently so if you have done this before its not the same again!! LOL when you go in you have emergancy exits but they tell you before hand restroom before. There is no crawling over or under. You have four places you have to reach before ending the maze.You pass thourgh Fiji, tahiti, Samona and bail before completing. Easy looking at it this way but hard when you inside.
Even hulk hogan has tried it and he said WAY to hard and way to long so you have to have pations. The great thing is all of us on this trip are very competive. ONE thing left to say>>>


Alicia said...

OMG this could be the coolest thing in the world... can we do it... can we can we!?!?!

Farrah Zellner said...

HAHA!!! Yes I'm so excited can't wait